Zoe Leads the Charge on Affinity Groups

Zoe Anaya (‘20) is a Junior at Marymount High School and is a Staff Writer at the school newspaper, The Anchor. She recently wrote a fantastic article titled, What Are Alliance and Affinity Groups, and Why Should You Join One? In the article she explains Marymount’s initiative to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion with the implementation of alliance and affinity groups during the school schedule in addition to the lunchtime clubs or organizations. Zoe was an active supporter and member of affinity groups while at WNS. She states in the article that, “Not only do you have the ability to help others by listening, but you also gain the perspective of others which is capital. The future depends on people who can use empathy, and if joining an alliance or affinity group could promote that at an early age, the future is already at a great start.” To read the full article, click here.