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Enriching the after-school experience

WNS offers our families two after-school options throughout the school year. The ACE (After Class Enrichment) program provides daily after-school care led by our WNS ACE staff and teacher’s assistants. The ACE Plus program features a variety of enrichment classes each trimester taught by WNS faculty and members of our local community.


ACE: After Class Enrichment Program

One of our points of pride is the growth and evolution of our PS-8 ACE (After Class Enrichment) program. The ACE program’s goal is to provide affordable, high quality, and reliable after-school care to the families of Westside Neighborhood School. Our group of instructors coordinate supervised homework time, a healthy snack, and a blend of structured activities and free play. ACE offers students a variety of games, activities, and projects each day, including story time, arts and crafts, free play, turf games, and more! The ACE instructors also provide a place for students to receive support on their homework. Students often have the opportunity to interact with different age groups which helps to build our WNS community and friendships. ACE is viewed as an extension of the WNS school day and students who participate in the program enjoy a continuity of the WNS philosophy.

Our top priority is the safe supervision of every child, and we pride ourselves on providing an environment where students feel comfortable participating in enriching activities with their peers, the ACE staff, and the WNS faculty. The ACE program and staff are committed to the school’s mission, which is to foster the social, emotional, and developmental growth of each child in a safe and caring environment. ACE offers freedom of choice and expression, a platform where students can practice positive conflict resolution techniques, and an opportunity to build strong interpersonal relationships with peers, faculty, and staff.

Early drop-off is free of charge for all students. There is an additional fee for after-school care and programs.

ACE Plus Program

The ACE program offers a variety of exciting and enriching classes called ACE Plus Classes. ACE Plus Classes run during three ten-week sessions: fall, winter, and spring. Previous ACE Plus Classes have included tae kwon do, gymnastics, dance, ceramics, woodworking, orchestra, band, ukulele, guitar, Italian, Mandarin, musical theater, acting, cooking, remote control mania, chess, edible earth science, outdoor living skills, robotics, and a variety of sports classes. There is an additional cost for these classes. ACE is complimentary before and after ACE Plus classes.

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