Elementary School

Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Elementary School

Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Nurturing students’ intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development

On any given day, WNS students are makers, thinkers, entrepreneurs, interpreters, observers, and investigators. At every developmental level, core academics blend seamlessly with specialized subjects, providing structure for ideation, creation, and collaboration.  The foundation of our program is our approach to social-emotional learning and support. At WNS, every student is heard, seen, and known by their classmates, teachers, and community. Our custom-built social learning curriculum, along with Responsive Classroom and Developmental Designs, creates a supportive environment for students to reflect, grow, and develop as learners in the 21st century.

Welcome to the Elementary School

WNS is a warm, safe, and nurturing environment fueled by a dynamic atmosphere of collaboration. Our students have compassion and kindness for one another. WNS students understand that they are growing up in a wonderfully diverse and pluralistic world. I am inspired by what they bring through the doors every day!

Stacey Koff

Assistant Head of School, Grades K-4

Discover the WNS Kindergarten Program

Program Philosophy

The WNS academic program is continually evolving to prepare students for the world of tomorrow. Based on current brain-research, grounded in project-based experiential learning, and blending in traditional elements, our curriculum allows students the space, flexibility, and support to design and shape their own understanding of our global community. On any given day, WNS students are makers, thinkers, entrepreneurs, interpreters, observers, and investigators. At every developmental level, core academics blend seamlessly with specialized subjects, providing structure for ideation, creation, and collaboration.


The roadmap to academic excellence

The WNS elementary program for grades 1-5 includes the core academic subjects of reading, writing, mathematics, and social studies as well as specialized classes such as science, art, music, Spanish, physical education, and computer science. WNS utilizes a co-teaching model, with two credentialed teachers in each classroom, totaling four collaborative teachers per grade level. Social-emotional learning is integrated throughout the elementary curriculum. The co-teaching model allows for adaptations to be made to the curriculum to better serve student learning styles and achievement levels while keeping instructional goals consistent across the grade level.

Elementary school studies are grounded in a project-based learning approach that allows students to apply their learning in authentic ways. Student ideas and experiences create an innate desire to learn and practice core skills. Mathematical thinking, along with written and verbal communication becomes critical when first graders create businesses for WNSville. Precision and organization in narrative and persuasive writing are necessary as second graders determine what it means to be a Change Maker. Reading and research skills form the foundation of the westward movement in third grade and global studies and student PhDs (Project of Your Heart’s Desire) in fourth grade. Investigating historical artifacts becomes personal when fifth graders embark on an interdisciplinary study of their own family and personal identity and how they connect to historical events during the spring Cultural Fair. Learning is supported through differentiated instructional groups, using collaborative and individual practice to allow for growth and stretch at every level.

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Special Classes



Students in first through fourth grade take part in an active music program with a variety of musical enrichment opportunities. Highlights of the program incluse: World music, learning about instruments in and sections of the orchestra, proper singing technique and stage presence, great composers and musicians,  understanding music theory, conducting with a baton and understanding rhythm, playing a variety of instruments including percussion auxiliary and drums, piano guitar and more, improvisation, lyric analysis, and dancing. In addition, students build upon essential character skills including kindness, respect for self, others and property, team work, tenacity, and determination.


Theater Arts

Students at WNS experience theatre arts classes beginning in the fifth grade, developing rehearsal and performance skills but mainly by providing the opportunity for students to develop empathy, self-confidence, public speaking, communication, and collaboration skills.


Visual Arts

The visual arts program values process, exploration, and problem-solving. Students learn through experimentation and discovery, and we encourage critical thinking and decision making.


Computer Science

Students in grades 2-5 meet with our Technology Specialist once a week in our Computer Science Center. Computer literacy skills, such as general computer use, typing, word processing, and safe Internet use, are taught in the class by the Technology Specialist. Students participate in STEM activities, including programming, coding, and robotics.

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