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“I’m so grateful to WNS for being a key driver of who I am today. WNS cultivates a sense of community between teachers and students, so much so that I always felt as though teachers were not only there to teach me, but to help me in my personal growth. Classrooms became a safe space for me to express my ideas, allowing me to overcome my shyness, and speak with confidence and conviction. The fascinating history classes that I took throughout middle school helped me to become more interested in current events, eventually leading me to pursue politics in high school.”
– Clara Etchegaray, WNS Class of 2014, Marlborough 2018, Tufts University 2022

Our alumni go off and do some amazing things after they move on from WNS. Check out where our alumni are now!

High School Matriculation

Each year our WNS graduates apply and matriculate to some of the most prestigious and qualified high schools all over the Los Angeles region and across the nation. While most attend private schools some decide to explore various public, charter, magnet, for-profit, and hybrid school programs. WNS is dedicated to providing comprehensive support, guidance, and advocacy for each child and family as they navigate through the high school search process to find the best fit for them.

WNS is an incredibly diverse community, preparing students who demonstrate an array of passions, strengths, and interests. Our placement process honors this diversity and focuses on finding the right high school for each individual student. Our Head of School plays a vital role in the placement process which is unique among other independent schools.

College Matriculation

WNS is very proud of their alumni! In recent years, our alumni have been accepted to and are attending very prestigious colleges, universities, professional schools and abroad programs. Take a look at where our most recent alums are attending:

College Matriculation

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My time at WNS particularly during my middle school years definitely set the foundation for my current life. During these years I began life long friendships, created strong bonds with my teachers, learned my academic strong suits, which study habits work for me and what truly makes me happy. I can confidently say that skills I learned and the bonds I created back in my WNS days still impact my life today.

Hareena JohnsonWNS Class of 2014, Marymount 2018, Trinity College (Hartford) 2022