WNS Speaker Series

Each year, WNS invites renown speakers, authors, and educational experts to speak with members of the community. We invite local community members and schools to learn from these inspirational people. Below are a few of the recent speakers, and keep an eye out for future events!

Past Speakers

Dr. Bettina Love

Dr. Bettina L. Love is an award-winning author and the Athletic Association Endowed Professor at the University of Georgia. Her writing, research, teaching, and educational advocacy work meet at the intersection of education reform, anti-racism, carceral studies, abolition, and Black joy.

Dr. Love is a sought-after public speaker on a range of topics, including: Abolitionist Teaching, anti-racism, Hip Hop education, Black girlhood, queer youth, Hip Hop feminism, art-based education to foster youth civic engagement, and issues of diversity and inclusion.

In 2014, she was invited to the White House Research Conference on Girls to discuss her work focused on the lives of Black girls. In 2018, Georgia’s House of Representatives presented Dr. Love with a resolution for her impact on the field of education. She has also provided commentary for various news outlets including NPR, Ed WeekThe Guardian, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution. 

Rosetta Lee

Faculty member at Seattle Girls’ School and professional outreach specialist Rosetta Lee will address Identity, Inclusion, and Allyship and Welcoming Differences.

Rosetta is a diversity speaker and trainer whose work has impacted hundreds of school communities across the US.  Rosetta will talk to parents about “Talking to Youth About Heated Topics.” Young people bear witness to challenging or traumatic events in current events, media, and our local communities. They are often trying to process thoughts, feelings, and reactions without our explicit help and guidance – thereby increasing their confusion and anxiety.

We adults have a natural instinct to protect our children from harsh realities and yet prepare them to navigate this complex world – is it possible to do both? What are ways to talk about identity, difference, and justice in age appropriate ways? How do you reinforce your family’s values without instilling disrespect for other perspectives? How do you coach them toward authentic and respectful dialogue across differences? Engage in these questions and more through this interactive session.

Dr. Joe Dilley, Ph.D.

Licensed psychologist and author of The Game is Playing Your Kid: How to Unplug and Reconnect in the Digital Age will speak to the challenges that technology poses on family life in today’s society. Dr. Dilley will share his expertise and strategies on how parents can help guide their children toward responsible and mindful media use.

Nefertiti Austin

We are excited to have WNS parent and author of Motherhood So White: A Memoir of Race, Gender, and Parenting in America, Nefertiti Austin, speak at the first speaker series event of the year. Nefertiti will share her perspectives on adoption in America, particularly the lack of resources for single women of color. She’ll speak to her experience as a single black mother adopting out of the foster care system, and how it has impacted her life.

Ijeoma Oluo

Author of the New York Times Best-Seller So You Want to Talk about RaceIjeoma Oluo, addressed timely issues such as race, racism, intersectionality, and more. She also met with our middle school students for an inspirational conversation about the power they have to shape the future.

Lori Getz

Internet Safety Specialist, Lori Getz, gave a talk to parents on “Cyber Education: Internet Safety, Security, and Ethics. She also met with 4th-8th grade students to discuss technology use and safety.

Wendy Mogel

Clinical psychologist and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Wendy Mogel spoke about her books, The Blessing of a Skinned KneeThe Blessing of a B Minus, and Voice Lessons for Parents: What to Say, How to Say It, and When to Listen.

Claude Steele

Claude Steele spoke about “Stereotype Threat and Identity Threat: The Science of a Diverse Community,” exploring the psychological significance of community and its role in learning. Claude Steele is an internationally renowned social scientist and Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, best known for his work on stereotype threat and its application to student academic performance.

Alison Park

We were pleased to welcome Alison Park, the founder of Blink Consulting, to WNS to speak about Beyond Diversity. Alison spent the morning working with our faculty, followed by the parent session, and lastly with our middle school students.