WNS is leading the way in safely bringing back students on campus. We hope to be a model and example for other schools across the country. Check out the featured articles below highlighting our return to campus:

“Westside Neighborhood School in Playa Vista, which has received a waiver, welcomed its 85 kindergarteners and first-graders back in early October. Higher grades are gradually being worked back into campus life.

The school has established a surveillance COVID-19 testing program, with 900 tests issued to students and staff so far — all with negative results, said Head of School Bradley Zacuto.”

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“For us, our youngest kids, 5- and 6-year-olds, should not be in front of screens all day,” said Bradley Zacuto, head of the private Westside Neighborhood School, where 85 kindergartners and first-graders came back to school in early October. “They are missing out on really critical social skills development. They are missing out on really critical academic foundation work and assessments.”

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