Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice

Nurturing an Inclusive Community

Institutions are only as successful as the extent to which individual members within the community feel they belong – that they are heard, seen, and valued. For it is under these conditions, ones that allow for the presence and acceptance of one’s full self, that true and magnificent learning can occur. This is the foundation of the WNS experience. It is who we are and who we continuously strive to be.

Dr. Martinique Starnes

Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

WNS Commitment

WNS strives to emulate the world in which we live and is fortunate to possess such a richly diverse community. We are a community grounded in engagement, curiosity, growth, and diversity. At WNS, diversity means we celebrate and embrace differences as well as commonalities and encourage conversations around them. We view diversity holistically and value it as a strength in our community in which equity and inclusion ensure that every member of the WNS community has the full WNS experience.

Amber Anderson

Board of Trustees, DEIJ Board Committee Chair

Westside Neighborhood School's Statement on Belonging

At WNS, we believe it is our responsibility to cultivate leaders who will have the tools to recognize and change the systems of our society that create barriers to full access for all. In order to fulfill this obligation, it is our priority to foster an educational environment that welcomes and celebrates all facets of diversity, for it is our strength. Our varied backgrounds and experiences inform our approach to curriculum, support our partnerships, and nurture our community in a way that benefits all of us. We work to create leaders who are grounded in the understanding of how diversity and belonging improves the way we experience the world, and those who have the conviction to promote and safeguard equity and justice in our complex and ever-changing society.

A Commitment To A Brighter Future

WNS is committed to maintaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community – one where every member of our school community feels seen, heard, and their contributions valued.   Our goal is to create leaders who are grounded in the understanding of how diversity and inclusion improve the way we experience the world and those who are dedicated to promoting equity and justice. 

To keep ourselves accountable, we rely on the guidance of three committees that represent the  totality of our community: 

Faculty & Staff DEIJ Leadership Committee

Our Faculty and Staff DEIJ Leadership Committee designs and facilitates programming that support our faculty and staff in effectively engaging students, families, and colleagues in healthy dialogue that explores diverse perspectives and experiences, deepens understanding and empathy, and helps transform misunderstanding into opportunities for learning.

Board of Trustees DEIJ Advisory Committee

Our Board of Trustees DEIJ Advisory Committee, chaired by Amber Anderson, promotes and models inclusivity at the Board level. This committee ensures that the Board of Trustees supports policies that foster inclusion and promotes diversity.

Parent DEIJ Ambassadors

Under the guidance of our Parent Board DEIJ Committee, our Parent DEIJ Ambassadors are represented on each of our Parent Board subcommittees to ensure that our parent-sponsored events are planned and executed to create opportunities to learn and grow, to celebrate diversity, and to foster inclusion.

Inside DEIJ at WNS

Check out what Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice looks and feels like at WNS.

Statement from the Board of Trustees

DEIJ Events @ WNS

Ways To Get Involved

WNS has a broad range of events and resources to support our school community in advancing our DEIJ work as we constantly strive to become an even more inclusive and just environment. We invite families, students, faculty, and alumni to engage deeply in this work. 

DEIJ Events

WNS hosts a number of DEIJ workshops, events, and fundraising opportunities throughout the year. Upcoming events are always communicated to families in our weekly eNews, but can also be found in the DEIJ resource board on OnCampus. 

Access resources

We invite parents and caregivers to browse the many DEIJ-related resources available on demand in OnCampus, including grade-appropriate books, videos, activities, and more.