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Essential Skills for the Future

One of the greatest strengths of the WNS program is our commitment to nurturing social competency, empathy, and inclusivity within individual students and within our community as a whole. We continue to grow and look into ways to connect our SEL expectations to all areas of student life. To accomplish this, we consciously engage in generative conversations with faculty about effective implementation of SEL into student life. In addition, our implementation of the anti-bias curriculum compliments our SEL curriculum, addressing the important need for students and faculty to address and reverse bias that exists within our community.


Social Emotional Learning

Our focus on social emotional learning (SEL) infuses every corner of our campus. All faculty, including many of our full time ACE staff, are trained in Responsive Classroom or Developmental Designs. In addition, WNS has a social-emotional curriculum based on the cognitive building blocks of social thinking that was created by our faculty for use with our students. This curriculum centers around six essential skills – Self Regulation, Flexible Thinking, Perspective Taking, Social Communication, Problem Solving and Thinking as Part of a Group. Explicit instruction, integrated instruction, and authentic opportunities for practice begin in our ECC program and continue through middle school. We believe that these skills are essential for success in school and in life outside of education.

Anti-Bias Curriculum

Coupled with our SEL program is our Anti-Bias Curriculum, which is vetted through the Anti-Defamation League. This curriculum prepares students to navigate a diverse and changing world. The curriculum cycles through lessons on identity, justice, prejudice, and empowers students to take action. Students engage in difficult conversations and use tools to help understand varying perspectives. We build collaborative work and problem solving into lessons at every grade level. With the implementation of this curriculum, students are explicitly engaged in conversations about diversity and inclusivity, preparing them for the beautifully diverse world in which they are members.

Visit our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice page for more information regarding our commitment to nurturing an inclusive community.

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