Tuition & Fees

The most rewarding and valuable investment you can make is in your child’s education. We seek families who will consider their child’s education a high priority as they budget their financial resources. The Board of Trustees intentionally sets tuition at less than the full cost of educating each student; charitable annual contributions make up the difference.


Your Child’s Future at WNS

Families planning to enroll their child at WNS should carefully consider how this commitment will affect their finances for the entire duration of their child’s WNS career. Tuition increases each year to cover increases in the school’s overhead, improve programs, maintain facilities, and ensure that faculty and staff members are fairly and competitively compensated.

Preschool & DK

$ 32,210


Grades K-5

$ 41,260


Grades 6-8

$ 46,470



The WNS Board of Trustees and administration are committed to making a WNS education accessible to as many families as possible. We realize that the cost of tuition may be beyond the reach of some families, so WNS provides a needs-based financial assistance program totaling over $3M annually for qualifying students.

Please note, a family who enrolls at WNS without the support of financial assistance will not be considered for future assistance unless a significant change in circumstances can be documented.

When a family enrolls without financial assistance, the school budgets accordingly and assumes that the family will be capable of covering all educational costs for the upcoming year and the foreseeable future.

Financial Assistance

Additional Fees

  • One-time new family fee: $2,500 per family
  • Annual security and facilities fee: $1,600 per student
  • K-8 PE t-shirts are required for field trips and not included in the cost of tuition (gently used PE t-shirts are available for free from the parent group)
  • PS-8 After Class Enrichment (ACE) – WNS offers after-school care until 5:30pm for an additional fee.*
  • PS-8 ACE Plus (after school classes)*
  • PS-8 Hot Lunch*
  • PS-8 Summer Programs*
  • 6-8 Summer Global Studies Program*

*These fees are optional for parents

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