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Fall 2023-24

Girls Volleyball A - Gold

DateTimeAwayHomeLocationResultsType of Game
9/21/20233:45 PMNew RoadsWNSWNS- North GymLeague
9/28/20234:30 PMWLSWNSWNS- North GymLeague
10/10/20234:15 PMWNSWildwoodStoner Park League
10/12/20234:30 PMWIndwardWNSWNS- North GymLeague
10/18/20234:00 PMWillows WNSWNS- North GymLeague
10/24/20233:30 PMWNSSt. Paul St. Paul League
10/26/20234:45 PMWNSTurning Point Turning Point League
8th Grade42
Head Coach
Assistant Coach

Girls Volleyball A - Blue

9/21/20234:45 PMWNSCrossroads NavyCrossroads
10/11/20233:30 PMWNSCalvary Christian Calvary Christian
10/12/20233:45 PMWNSArcherArcher
10/17/20233:30 PMSt. MathewsWNSWNS-North Gym
10/24/20233:30 PMGeffenWNSWNS-North Gym
10/26/20234:00 PMBrentwood GreyWNSWNS- North Gym
GradeJersey #
8th Grade25
8th Grade33
8th Grade49
8th Grade10
8th Grade54
7th Grade4
7th Grade13
7th Grade8
7th Grade21
7th Grade2
7th Grade16
6th Grade17
6th Grade59
Head Coach
Assistant CoachWednesdays - Off

Girls Volleyball B

9/21/20234:45 PMWildwoodWNSWNS-North Gym
9/28/20233:15 PMLighthouseWNSWNS-North Gym
10/10/20233:30 PMNew RoadsWNSWNS-North Gym
10/12/20233:30 PMWindwardWNSWNS-North Gym
10/18/20234:30 PMWNSWillowsWillows School
10/24/20234:30 PMWNSSt. PaulSt. Paul the Apostle School
10/26/20233:45 PMWNSTurning Point Turning Point
GradeJersey #
7th Grade19
7th Grade46
7th Grade
7th Grade
7th Grade
7th Grade
6th Grade20
6th Grade16
6th Grade37
6th Grade39
6th Grade27
Head Coach
Assistant Coach

Girls Volleyball C

09/21/20233:45 PMWNS CrossroadsCrossroads
09/27/20233:45 PMCEEWNSWNS - West Gym
10/4/20233:45 PMBrentwoodWNSWNS - North Gym
10/10/20234:30 PMWildwoodWNSWNS - North Gym
10/18/20233:30 PMWNS WIllowsWillows School
10/24/20234:30 PMGeffen WNSWNS - North Gym
GradeJersey #
6th Grade33
6th Grade18
6th Grade
6th Grade41
6th Grade45
6th Grade15
6th Grade12
6th Grade21
6th Grade28
6th Grade8
6th Grade24
6th Grade44
Head Coach
Assistant Coach

Flag Football A

DayDateTimeHome TeamAway TeamLocationScore
Thursday 9/21/20234:00 PMWNSWindwardPlaya Vista
Thursday 9/28/20233:30 PMWindward (White)WNSWindward
Thursday 10/12/20234:00 PMWNSCrossroads Playa Vista
Monday10/16/20234:30 PMCalvaryWNSCalvary
Wednesday10/18/20233:45 PMWillowsWNSSyd Park
Tuesday 10/24/20234:15 PMSt. MatthewsWNSSt. Matthews
GradeJersey #
8th 47

Flag Football C

DayDateTimeHome TeamAway TeamLocationScore
Wednesday 10/4/233:45 PMWillowsWNSSYD Park
Tuesday 10/10/20233:45 PMCrossroads WNSCrossroads
Friday10/13/20233:45 PMWNSCEERandy Johnson
Monday 10/16/20233:30 PMCalvaryWNSCalvary Christian
Tuesday 10/17/20234:00 PMWNSBrentwoodPlaya vista
Tuesday 10/24/20233:15 PMSt. MathewsWNSSt. Mathews
GradeJersey #

Spring 2022-23

5th Grade Boys Basketball - Gold Team

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamLocationLeague or ScrimmageScore
2/13/20233:45 PMBrentwoodWNS GoldBrentwoodLeague47-29
2/27/20233:45 PMPark Century WNS GoldPark Century League
3/1/20233:45 PMWNS GoldBrawerman North GymLeague
3/6/20233:30 PMSt. Matthews WNS GoldSt. Matthews League
3/8/20233:45 PMWNS Gold7 Arrows North GymLeague
3/13/20234:00 PMWNS GoldWLSNorth GymScrimmage
3/22/20234:15 PMWNS GoldWNS BlueNorth GymScrimmage

5th Grade Boys Basketball - Blue Team

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamLocationLeague or ScrimmageScore
2/8/20233:45 PMWNS BlueBrentwoodNorth Gym League10-38
2/13/20233:45 PMWNS BluePark Century North Gym League 47-29
2/17/20233:45 PMWNS BlueSt. MathewsNorth Gym League 66-28
2/22/20234:00 PMWNS BlueCrossroads North Gym League 40-19
2/27/20233:45 PMWNS BlueBrawerman North Gym League
3/6/20233:45 PMWNS Blue7 Arrows North Gym League
3/22/20234:15 PMWNS Gold WNS BlueNorth Gym League

Girls Softball

DateTimeHome TeamLocationAway TeamLeague or ScrimmageScore
04/13/20233:30 PMArcherArcherWNSLeague 1 - 2 (Archer)
04/17/20233:30 PMWNSPlaya Vista Sports ParkBrentwoodLeague 15 - 4 (WNS)
04/20/20233:30 PMWNSPlaya Vista Sports ParkCrossroadsLeague
04/24/20233:15 PMCrossroadsClover Park WNSLeague
04/26/20233:30 PMBrentwoodBrentwoodWNSLeague
04/27/20233:30 PMWNS Playa Vista Sports ParkArcherLeague

Boys Volleyball

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamLocationLeague or ScrimmageScore
03/22/20233:00 PMWNSCrossroadsNorth Gym Scrimmage2 - 1 (WNS)
03/28/20233:30 PMWNSSt. Matthews North GymScrimmage0 - 2 (St. Matthews)
04/13/20233:30 PMCrossroadsWNSCrossroadsScrimmage3 - 0 ( Crossroads)
04/18/20234:00 PMWNSBrentwood North GymLeague3 - 0 (Brentwood)
04/19/20234:00 PMWNSWLSNorth GymScrimmage
04/21/20233:30 PMWNSSt. PaulNorth GymLeague
04/25/20234:00 PMWNSWindwardNorth GymLeague
04/27/20234:00 PMCalvary Christian WNSCalvary Christian League

Winter 2022-23

Girls A Basketball

DivisionDateTimeHome TeamAway TeamLocationLeague or ScrimmageWin/Loss/DrawScore
A East12/6/20223:45 PMWNSBrentwood -RedWNSLeague Win41-38
A East12/8/20224:00 PMWNSGeffenWNSScrimmage Win48-24
A East12/9/20223:45 PMWindwardWNSWindwardScrimmageLoss49-43
A East12/13/20224:00 PMWNSCalvaryWNSScrimmageWin54-19
A East1/12/20234:00 PMWNSWindwardWNSScrimmageWin .60-50
A 1/17/20234:00 PMWNSBrentwood- WhiteWNS ScrimmageWin59- 34
A East1/23/20234:00 PMWNSNew RoadsWNSLeagueWin .36-17
A East1/26/20234:00 PMWNSArcherWNSLeague Win
A 2/1/200234:00 PMWNSArcherWNSPlayoffWin .
A2/3/02234:30 PMWNSBrentwood- Red Crossroads ElementaryChampionshipWin37-36

Boys A Basketball

DivisionDateTimeHomeAwayLocationLeague or ScrimmageWin/Loss/DrawScore
A12/8/20224:30 PMGeffenWNSGeffenLeague Win62-45
A12/9/20224:45 PMWindwardWNSWindwardLeagueLoss52-48
A12/14/20234:45 PMWNSBrentwood BlueWNSScrimmage Win 44-20
A1/12/20234:30 PMBrentwood- WhiteWNSBrentwoodLeagueWin37-34
A1/17/20235:00 PMWNSBrentwood- WhiteWNS Scrimmage Loss53-60
A1/20/20235:00 PMWNSNew RoadsWNSLeagueWin61-36
A1/24/20234:00 PMWNSCalvary ChristianWNSScrimmage Win 74-39
1/25/20235:00 PMSt. Jerome'sWNSSt.Jerome's Scrimmage Loss
A1/26/20235:00 PMWNS Crossroads WNS Scrimmage Win43-34
A1/30/20234:30 PMCrossroadsWNSCrossroadsPlayoff GameWin 30-38
A2/1/20232:30 PMWindwardWNSWindwardPlayoff GameLoss45-41

Boys B Basketball

DivisionDateTimeHome TeamAway TeamLocationLeague or ScrimmageWin/Loss/DrawScore
B12/8/20233:30 PMGeffen GoldWNSGeffen League Win47-45
B12/9/20232:45 PMWindward RoyalWNSWindwardLeagueLoss50-16
B12/13/20234:00 PMTurning PointWNSTurning Point LeagueWin 27-15
B12/15/20234:30 PMWildwoodWNSWildwood -Stoner Park LeagueWin22-11
B1/10/20234:30 PMWillowsWNSWillowsLeagueLoss 19-41
B1/12/20233:30 PMBrentwood WhiteWNSBrentwoodLeagueLoss41- 10
B1/18/20234:00 PMWNSCalvary Christian WNSScrimmageLoss 33-26
B1/20/20234:00 PMWNSNew RoadsWNSLeagueWin56-15
B1/31/20233:30 PMCrossroads WNSMemorial ParkPlayoffLoss

Boys C Basketball

DivisionDateTimeHome TeamAway TeamLocationLeague or ScrimmageWin/Loss/DrawScore
C11/30/20223:45 PMCEEWNSCEELeagueLoss 20-35
C12/13/20235:00 PMTurning Point WNSTurning Point LeagueWin 30-27
C12/14/20233:45 PMWNSBrentwood WNSScrimmageLoss 27-30
C12/15/20233:30 PMWildwoodWNSWildwood- Stoner ParkLeagueWin22-46
C1/10/20233:30 PMWillowsWNSWillowsLeagueLoss 14-50
C1/11/20233:45 PMWNSSt. Mathews North GymScrimmageGame Canceled
C1/19/20234:00 PMWNSCrossroadsNorth GymScrimmageLoss 53-31
C1/25/20234:00 PMSt. Jerome'sWNSSt. Jerome'sScrimmageLoss
C1/30/20234:15 PMBrentwood WNSBrentwoodPlayoff GameLoss 36-30

Girls A Soccer

DivisionDateTimeAway TeamHome TeamLocationLeague or ScrimmageWin/Loss/DrawScore
N/A 12/7/223:30 PMCrossroads-RedWNSWNS - Playa Vista FieldScrimmageWin6-2
N/A 12/14/223:30 PMWNSSt.Matthew'sSt.Matthew'sScrimmageLoss1-8
A12/15/223:45 PMWildwoodWNSWNS - Playa Vista FieldLeagueWin5-0
A1/5/233:15 PMWNSGeffenUCLA IM FieldLeagueLoss1-3
N/A 1/11/233:45 PMArcherWNSWNS - Playa Vista FieldScrimmageLoss 1-7
A1/12/233:45 PMWNSBrentwood- WhiteBrentwoodLeagueLoss3-1
A1/17/233:45 PMNew RoadsWNSWNS - Playa Vista FieldLeagueWin 4-1
N/A 1/19/233:45 PMCrossroads- NavyWNSWNS - Playa Vista FieldScrimmageLoss 1-7
A1/24/233:45 PMWindward- RoyalWNSWNS - Playa Vista FieldLeagueLoss1-11
A1/31/232:00 PMWNSArcherArcher Playoff Game Loss

Boys B Soccer

DivisionDateTimeHome TeamAway TeamLocationLeague or ScrimmageWin/Loss/DrawScore
B12/6/223:45 PMWNSBrentwood - BlueWNS- Playa Vista ParkLeagueWin11-2
B12/13/223:45 PMWindward- WhiteWNSWindward- Mar Vista Park ScrimmageWin6-0
B12/14/223:30 PMWNSWildwoodWNS- Playa Vista ParkScrimmageLoss 0-3
B1/5/233:45 PMBrentwood- BlueWNSBrentwoodScrimmageGame Canceled
B1/10/233:45 PMWNSWillowsWNS- Playa Vista ParkScrimmageGame Canceled
B1/17/232:45 PMGeffenWNSUCLA IM FieldLeagueWin6-3
B1/18/233:45 PMWNSNew RoadsWNS- Playa Vista ParkScrimmageWin 3-0
B1/23/233:30 PMCrossroadsWNSCrossroadsScrimmageLoss 1-2
B1/25/232:30 PMWNSWindward- WhiteWindward- Mar Vista Park LeagueWin 5-0
B2/1/232:00 PMWNSWindward- WhiteWNS- Playa Vista ParkPlayoff GameWin 5-1
B2/3/232:15 PMWNSBrentwood - BlueMar Vista Park Championship GameWin2-1