Board of Trustees


Thank you for your interest in the WNS Board of Trustees.

The WNS Board engages in:

  • long-term strategic planning;
  • oversight of the school’s financial sustainability;
  • selection, support, and evaluation of the Head of School; and
  • fundraising to advance the school’s mission and programs.

Trustees devote considerable time and expertise to Board duties, including committee work and external advocacy.

I am very proud of our Board and the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives each member brings to our deliberations. Board members’ knowledge and support are critical to advancing our mission while remaining true to our values.


David T. Russell, Ph.D.

Chair, Board of Trustees
2020-21 Board of Trustees

David Russell, Chair
Jennifer Price-Letscher, Vice Chair
Penelope Linge, Treasurer
Trisha Burdick, Secretary



Geri Baur
Elizabeth Brink
Alex Brook
Nicki Carlsen
David Charlton
Frank Clementi
Holland Gamble Filliettaz
Darlene Fountaine
Les Frost
Ray Hanna
Nikea Johnson
Larry Kosmont
Linda Lavezzo
Joanne Reierson
Jennifer Resnick
Mark Sokol
David White
Elizabeth Zamora

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