Let's Read!

The WNS JustBooks Club is a free, unique and inspiring program for students in grades K through 8 that combines two of our core values: a love of reading and commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice.

Children, with their parents’ guidance, order a book title and experience the excitement of receiving it at school and then reading it at home independently or with their family. This is the JustBooks Club… inspired by a WNS parent and brought to your homes through a collaborative effort by WNS faculty and staff.

JustBooks Past Themes

Missed a series or just getting started? Browse the past themes of the JustBooks Club below and access the book lists, with grade level designations and descriptions. 

Women's Equality and Empowerment

View the book list from the Spring 2023 series


View the book list from the Fall 2022 series


View the book list from the Winter 2022 series

Racial/ Cultural identity

View the book list from the Spring 2021 series

Gender Identity

View the book list from the Winter 2021 series

JustBooks Past Events

Live event with Kyle Lukoff, author of Call Me Max, during the inaugural season of JustBooks.

The WNS community coming together on Zoom for a session on Neurodiversity, led by WNS school psychologist, Ayana Cadres.

JustBooks club member, Yara, attending a live author event from home. 

JustBooks club member, London, participating in live author event on Gender Identity. 

Our superstar librarian, Catherine Davis, preparing to distribute JustBooks selections to students! 

JustBooks FAQs

Children in grades K-8 are invited to participate. This is an enrollment-based program and parents/caretakers will need to RSVP and make a book selection in order to participate. Books will be ordered and distributed to enrolled book club members at a date and time that will be communicate. You MUST fill out the enrollment form for each child and if you are enrolling more than one child into the program, please be sure to provide each child’s full name, grade/class (or school, if external), and book selection.
The JustBooks book club was founded and funded by a WNS parent, who was inspired to bring the program to life in order to support WNS in our efforts to constantly work towards creating a more inclusive and fair society. As we expand the program, we welcome donations to support the club. It is our goal that children should be able to participate in the JustBooks club free of charge, as we should all have access to the enrichment that books provide.

WNS is immensely grateful for the support that comes from gifts of all sizes, as we work to keep the JustBooks program running, and so we can continue expanding its reach.

To support the JustBooks program, please click here. 

Gifts made to WNS (501C3 Nonprofit Organization) are tax-deductible.

We welcome suggestions or introductions to authors who may be interested in partnering with us for future virtual author events! Please send any suggestions to justbooks@wns-la.org. 

When the time comes to select a book, you will see that we have categorized all books according to suitability for different ages/grade-levels. This takes into account reading levels and content. 

We have a team of expert faculty and staff who work to vet, review, and decide on final book selections.   If a book for older students contains any mature themes or language, this is stated in the book list, along with a recap by Common Sense Media, so that parents can make an informed decision. 

Past Books

Below are just some of the inspiring books that we’ve offered in past seasons! To read the full selection list, scroll up or click here

Support JustBooks

If you feel inspired to support the JustBooks program as we begin to roll it out to more participants, please utilize the form below. Gifts made to WNS (501C3 Nonprofit Organization) are tax-deductible. Questions? Email us at justbooks@wns-la.org