A technology program designed for longevity.

The technology program at WNS aims to provide students with opportunities to create, problem-solve, take risks, and innovate. Rather than train students to use specific technologies that will be superseded in the near future, we strive to prepare our students with transferable skills and habits of mind that will serve them as they embark on a lifetime of learning. The skills we hope our students take away from our technology program include a firm understanding of design principles, research methods, computer logic paradigms, and digital communication. The habits of mind we teach include independent thinking, openness to new approaches, inquisitiveness, and the ability to blend logic and creativity in solving problems. The objectives of the technology curriculum at WNS blend seamlessly into our overall curricular focus on design-thinking and the maker mindset.

WNS continually evaluates and updates its digital infrastructure in order to provide the tools and environment necessary to achieve the goals of our technology program. We provide 1:1 Chromebooks in third through eighth grade. Beginning in sixth grade, students can take their Chromebooks home. Students also have access to iPads, MacBook carts, 3D printers, laser cutters, interactive projectors and boards, and a wide range of robotics equipment all housed in our two fully-equipped digital lab environments and throughout our regular classrooms.

Shining the Light on Black History

In third grade students participate in a library and technology project. They are introduced to best practices for conducting research and using digital note-taking tools as they explore the lives of famous African-Americans. They then design a lantern to bring awareness of the contributions these individuals have made to our society.

Lighting Up Poetry

Fourth grade students discover different types of poetry and spend time writing their own pieces or finding a favorite poem to illustrate; the addition of LED lights brings their work to life.

Global Water Think Tank

Fifth grade participates in a one trimester collaborative, integrated unit combining the expertise of Ms. Amend in science, Ms. Davis in computer science, and Ms. Glendon in library media. Students practice collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking throughout this unit. The Global Water Think Tank project involves learning and researching real-world water problems centering on the location, use, storage, and movement of water. Students consult experts, pick one problem to dive into and work in teams using Design Thinking to prototype a solution. They document and share their work with the community in a Student Showcase.

Dream House

This is a fifth grade project based on the book The Big Orange Splot by D. Manus Pinkwater. It provides students with a jump start to look inward at their own dreams for the future. Students design and build a model house that reflects their dreams. They use tech tools to create videos explaining how the elements in their house reflect their dreams.

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