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Welcome to the 2023-24 school year!

Whether you’re new to WNS or you’ve been around the block a few times, this page is intended to be your one-stop-shop for all things WNS faculty and staff might need to know. Feel free to bookmark this page so you can refer to it whenever you need! 

Information & Links

Please read through the following resources to help answer questions you may have.

As always, if you have any further HR related questions, or you’re not sure where to find something, please feel free to email Trina at trina.mcdowell@wns-la.org. 

Who's Who At WNS?

Take a look at all the friendly faces that make WNS who we are!

2024-25 At A Glance Calendar

This calendar is given to all families at WNS, and is a helpful overview of school dates. 

Map of School

A map of all classrooms and offices around the campus. 

Google Calendars

We run on Google! Learn how to add the calendars that are relevant to you. 

WNS Lingo Sheet

A list of WNS acronyms and lingo you might hear around school.

Guide to Inclusive Language

A must-read! Learn about why we use the language we do at WNS, and access resources to learn more. 

New Faculty/Staff Buddy List

At WNS, we pair you up with a buddy for your first year to help answer questions, check-in with you, and help support you as you get acclimated.

How We Grow, Learn, & Share

Book Lists, Professional Development (PD) Information, Past PD Shares, & More…

K-8 Curriculum Maps

Ruvna, Fire Drills, Emergency Prep

Class/ Duty Coverage/ Time Off Requests (Faculty)

WNS Style Guide

Use this guide for WNS logos, “official” fonts, color palette, email signature information and more. 

WNS Employee Handbook

Requesting Time Off (Staff)

Faculty Observation & Feedback Plan

Finance Forms (Reimbursement/ Check Request)

Work Order & Event Setup

1-5 Tech Integration Documents

6-8 Tech Integration Documents

Campus Visitor Form

For vendors/speakers/other outside visitors to campus who are not current WNS parent/caregivers. 

Field Trip Checklist

Use this list for planning, gaining approval and executing a field trip. 

Transportation Request

Password: wnsjets

WNS Favorite Things!

Looking to treat a coworker to a coffee? Or perhaps give them a little something to make their day, or say thank you? Here’s a list of what they love! Feel free to add yours too!

WNS also has a small spirit gear service! Due to item sourcing, there are two different sites to purchase items:

These stores are fully online and managed through the website vendors.

WNS employees can purchase the Apparel & Accessories merchandise (through Threadless) at base cost with the following code:


exterior building of westside neighborhood school

DEIJ Celebration Pages

When we have special DEIJ months to recognize, we often create a landing page to share with families where they can find a list of special events taking place, and resources for both adults and children.

Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month Page

LGBTQ+ History Month

Black History Month