We are so proud of our students for their contributions to the 2022 Film Festival!

Congratulations to all participants on their hard work, new skills, and final projects.

Please enjoy!

Undercover Agent -
Charis Rainey

7th Graders Weekend -
Trevor Young & Vishnu Simon

Camille's Kitchen -
Harper Huxen, Camille Roberts & Claire Jordan

Strawberry Scones With Lemon Glaze -
Sophia Cohen-Pelletier

A Small Reminder -
Nathanial Valle

Undercover Agent: Part 2-
Charis Rainey

Batman Villain Dynasty -
Selah Johnson

Gasp! -
Harley Eason &
Olivia Alonso-Corcoran

The Backyard War-
Benjamin Penny

Double Agent -
Nalah Anderson

Sudzilla -
Hamish Reiter

Modern Day Prequel:
The Beginnings of Lady Macbeth-
Ella Forester

Sabrina Simek

The Elevator Ride-
Genevieve Svehlak