Parent Connections

From the moment you enroll at WNS, you become a part of an incredible community of families and educators who support each other and the school in many ways. There are countless opportunities for parents to be involved in the life of the school and make meaningful connections with other families.

WNS Parent Group

Every parent is automatically a member of the WNS Parent Group, and there are no membership fees, dues, or required hours. The WNS Parent Group Board coordinates numerous volunteering opportunities for parents, such as reading in the library, serving hot lunch, and family fun events like the annual Book Fair, the Gala, and PartyBook! events. Parents have a variety of opportunities to meet other WNS families, to volunteer at the school, and to be involved in their child’s life at WNS.

Family Fun Events

Enjoy a series of on-campus Family Fun Events organized by the WNS Parent Group. Whether you catch a movie under the stars or test your luck during bingo night, your family is sure to have a great time while making memories that will last a lifetime.

First Friday Coffees

Kick start your day and catch up with WNS. First Friday Coffees are an opportunity to socialize, meet other WNS parents, and check in with the WNS staff throughout the year.

PartyBook! Events

Every year at WNS, parents open up their homes, their interests, and their culture to share with the community through a collection of PartyBook! events. The magic of community comes to life through a collection of unique experiences that range from family beach yoga to parent-only 16-course dinners from world-class chefs. PartyBook! events provide families with dozens of opportunities to meet and establish new friendships throughout the year.

The Annual Gala & Silent Auction

The Annual Gala is the premier social event of the year for the WNS Community. The famed silent auction provides parents the opportunity to bid on everything from private jet charters to box-suite tickets. With a different and engaging theme every year, it’s anyone’s guess just what the next one will be.

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