Washington D.C. 2023

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We will be posting a daily blog of our adventures in D.C. each evening while on the trip!

Keep your eye on this page to stay up to date with all that we’ve been doing, seeing, and experiencing during our time in the Nation’s Capital. 

Blog Posts

Washington DC 2023 – Day 5

Washington D.C. 2023 DAY FIVE So, yes, we left California to fly across the country only to experience smoke-filled air from raging wildfires. At least it made the kids feel

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Washington DC 2023 – Day 4

Washington D.C. 2023 DAY FOUR   Last night as we typed up this blog in Mr Brannan’s hotel room, Mr Shipley drew the short straw and was forced to go

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Washington DC 2023 – Day 3

Washington D.C. 2023 DAY THREE   Hello from DC on the 79th anniversary of D-Day. Prior to the invasion of Normandy, General Dwight D. Eisenhower gave a famous speech in

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Washington DC 2023 – Day 2

Washington D.C. 2023 DAY TWO 7:30am. Time for teachers to knock on doors and see if the kids were nearly ready to start the day. We quickly discovered the kids

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Washington DC 2023 – Day 1

Washington D.C. 2023 Day 1 Aaaannndd we’re off! We have to say first that this year’s group of kids was much quieter on the bus ride to the airport than

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