At WNS, We're In It To Win It

Our top priority is to keep WNS students on campus and engaged in the full academic program that distinguishes our school, while also keeping both students and faculty safe. We can accomplish this if we have everyone’s full support and partnership. Below is a summary recap of the key elements of our Five Layers of Safety for a 2021-22 School Year. We are smarter than a virus!

1. Limit Chance of Exposure

  • Stay in the green… at least for the next few months.
  • We know that the Delta variant of COVID is really only able to spread from person to person through aerosol transmission.
  • While highly infectious, it still needs the opportunity of proximity.
    • Avoid highly dense public gatherings
    • Avoid sports tournaments that bring a lot of different people together where they are breathing hard and with minimal physical spacing
    • Avoid prolonged public indoor settings

Our priority is to keep our students in the classroom. Avoiding high risk COVID contact activities will greatly reduce the risk of exposure.

2. COVID Vaccination

  • There is no single better barrier to spreading COVID or to avoid serious illness than to get the COVID vaccine. The Pfizer vaccine is the only one currently authorized for under 16 years of age
  • 100% of WNS Faculty and Staff are vaccinated (this is a requirement)
  • We are now requiring ALL students age 12+ to be vaccinated by October 1, 2021

3. Symptom Screening & Testing

Daily symptom screening of your student(s) and your household is essential to our protection of the school community from COVID. If any YES answer, please keep your child(ren) home and contact the School Nurse. 



  • During this time of heightened COVID transmission with the Delta variant, we are asking you to test the entire household weekly
  • WNS will schedule a weekly test through PATH; you may test on your own if you prefer [must be PCR test]
    • Student test results need to be uploaded into Playground 24 hours before the next school day, or Playground will be locked
    • WNS will communicate via email the testing schedule 

4. School Based Layers of Mitigation

We are applying all of our mitigation measures that we used successfully last year with one significant change. We will not be spacing the students out into small cohorts in order to organize our students this year in a way that will provide for a full and rich educational experience for PS-8 students. 

5. Infection Containment

If there is a positive case (or possible exposure by one of our students or faculty) we have a very strong infection containment plan in place.

  • This plan largely relies on parents doing rigorous daily symptom screening and reporting any possible exposures to the school ASAP
  • Parents getting their student(s) tested ASAP if there is a possible exposure and reporting the results to the school quickly will help us know what next steps to take and possible avoid sending additional students home for isolation
Temporary Out of School Plan (TOS)
WNS has created a Temporarily Out of School plan (TOS) for K-8 students missing school only for the following reasons:
  • Students in isolation due to a positive COVID-19 test
  • Student in quarantine due to an exposure to COVID-19
  • Students awaiting a negative test result after travel or other high-risk encounters

If you think your student qualifies for TOS, please email your division head as well as the school nurse and they will work out a plan for your student.

TOS is not for students missing school for the following reasons:
  • Missing school for the day due to a doctor appointment or other appointments
  • Missing school while on vacation
  • Missing school for 1-2 days unrelated to COVID-19

will have a morning meeting and afternoon check-in all together, and work independently on their Seesaw activities in between. 

will have a morning meeting together, work independently on Google Classroom activities, and an afternoon check-in by grade level. 

will receive an email reminder for accessing assignments on Google Classroom and have a check-in with their teacher in the afternoon. Students will work independently on their Google Classroom activities and email with teachers about their classwork. 

will access their class schedule on Google Calendar and assignments on Google Classroom. Google Calendar will indicate if a student is expected to Zoom into any classes each day. Students have one check-in with a teacher in the afternoon and will work independently on their Google Classroom activities and email with teachers about their classwork. 


Our pathway to a successful 2021-22 school year will require the full support and cooperation of every member of our school community. Working together, we can win this!


For more information...

For a more detailed look into daily school protocols, key contact information and helpful resources from the State Department of Public Health (SDPH) and Los Angeles County Department of Health (LADPH), please visit our expanded COVID Protocol page by clicking below.