Thank you…

As we reflect on the past year and the year ahead we are so thankful and proud to have your support and partnership. Westside Neighborhood School has grown and elevated all that we do and you will see through this report how vision, excellence, and success are at the core of the education at WNS.

We are excited to present our first-ever digital Philanthropy Report and hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed reflecting on the past year. This report is meant to recognize and celebrate our community’s generosity and we hope you can see how your contributions directly support our students. The highlights below showcase but a few of the amazing accomplishments our students had over the course of the 2018-19 school year. It is because of you that these achievements are possible.

One-hundred percent of our faculty/staff and trustees made gifts to the WNS Annual Fund, 99% of parents contributed, and alumnae families and grandparents continue to grow their support. Each donor makes an immediate and profound impact on our students and the school. Every dollar raised helps fund programs that prepare our students to push boundaries and reach new heights.

Thank you for your strong commitment to Westside Neighborhood School and its students. You are integral to the success of the school, and we are so grateful for all that you do in support of our mission.


When you support WNS, you’re not just supporting a school, you’re helping drive what comes next in education and community.


Students of Color


Zip Codes Represented


Students on Financial Assistance


Faculty & Staff of Color

“Creating and maintaining a diverse community is a vital part of what makes WNS the unique school that it is. Our socio-economic diversity is an important piece of our mission, as we provide financial assistance to 25% of our WNS families, thanks in large part to the support of fundraising within the WNS community.”

Dayna Hollins,

Director of Admission & Enrollment Manager

“Imagination and information are key building blocks for the broadening of the mind, and both are simultaneously in play whenever children engage in authentic learning experiences. Some of the best opportunities for this type of learning come from field trips, which take our students outside the walls of the classroom and into a stronger understanding of the world around them – past, present, and future. At WNS, we know that field trips are powerful opportunities for our students to explore the diverse city we inhabit, and to see education in action. Learning does not exist in a vacuum. Field trips – from museums and nature hikes to Astro Camp and trips to the Channel Islands – help our kids grow into more thoughtful, empathetic, and curious humans.”

Rebecca Russell,

Director of Curriculum

“I am so grateful to witness the growth of our athletic department over the past several years. Our team of parents, staff, and faculty are actively engaged in making sure athletics is an important piece of WNS. With the incredible support of the school community through funding, volunteering, and cheering on our teams, our students are positively impacted by the growth of our athletic program. Go Jets!”

Chris Pearson,

Athletic Director

“A thriving performing arts department gives students so many opportunities to express themselves, make connections, build confidence, develop good work habits, and collaborate with one another. The performing arts are about so much more than just singing and acting – they help us become better people.”

Theresa Thomasulo,

5-8 Choir Teacher

8th Grade Matriculation

83% of students accepted into their first-choice school

90% accepted into either their first or second choice school
81% total acceptance rate of all applications submitted

“Congratulations Class of 2019 for the journey you have completed thus far. We expect big things from all of you; you have shown us here how much you are capable of achieving, imagining, and creating along with a genuine desire to make the world a better place.”

Brad Zacuto,

Excerpt from Graduation Speech

The year that we
took flight.

The magic that children at WNS experienced last year was made possible by the support that you provided.

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