Marlee Porter (‘20) was featured for her original poem on the CBS Original Show, The Talk, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Day. Marlee’s poem is called ‘A Dream Realized’ that starts out by saying, “I can’t quite wrap my head around the definition of a Changemaker. A series of adjectives strung together that society has collectively decided gets assigned to an elite few. Well, I can guarantee I didn’t know what a changemaker was in the second grade, when a classroom full of eager eight year old faces were told to embody one. The boy to my left pleaded for someone in particular. His hand shot up and in full exclamation he stated, I want Dr. King! He said it was because he, too, had a dream.” Marlee’s poem goes on to describe the boy’s dream amid the struggles the black community has and continues to face. And, even amongst the challenges there is still a story of hope that Dr. King’s dream has been realized. Marlee attended WNS in the second grade where she participated in the grade’s Changemaker Project. It’s amazing to see that this project has stuck with her and has inspired this powerful piece. We are so proud that she is now sharing her heart and wisdom with the world.

You can watch her recite the full poem on here!