Sadie publishes an article about WNS!

Sadie Kaplan (’23):  Sadie’s research and writing is featured in the Voices from the Field section of the NBOA: Business Leadership for Independent Schools magazine, Net Assets: Business Leadership for Independent Schools. Sadie took it upon herself to research and report on what the Business Office really does at WNS as a member of the Executive Board of Student Council. Sadie explains in her findings that a school, like WNS, is a full fledged business “– as complicated from a financial and operations standpoint as many of the larger businesses in the area. The business office plays a huge role in upholding the financials of the school among lots of other responsibilities.” She goes on to explain what the business office at WNS does and speaks with her schoolmates about their roles and importance. She encourages each of them to stop by the office to say hello and get to know the important people who work there. During her 8th grade year Sadie pioneered the creation of the first-ever Student Entrepreneurial Day where students were able to showcase their homemade creations and sell them as school. Thank you, Sadie, for shining a light on WNS and may you always remain curious!

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