Middle School

5th – 8th Grade

Middle School

5th – 8th Grade

The transition to
middle school

Whether you have been at WNS for many years or are brand new to the WNS middle school, we consider all students entering 6th grade “new” to WNS. Over the summer, new and returning students have the option to participate in the Middle School Transition course, taught by middle school faculty, which focuses on the skills and habits needed to succeed in 6th grade and beyond. All 6th graders as well as any new students to middle school have a half-day orientation before school officially begins. At the start of the school year, all middle school students also enjoy a multi-day middle school orientation, meet their advisors and teachers, and bond with classmates and older students on the overnight middle school retreat. The first days of school are designed to ease the transition of new students to WNS and create a vibrant and inclusive class culture that will shape students’ wonderful middle school years.

Welcome to the Middle School

Our goals for students at WNS is for them to have a broad range of experiences at school and in the world. Whether it’s stepping on the stage for the first time, trying a new sport, or traveling to another country, we want students to stretch, experiment, take healthy risks, and discover who they are.

Kaitlin Rodriguez

Director of Middle School, Grades 5-8

Explore the Maker Lab, where entrepreneurial mindsets are brought to life

Program Philosophy

The WNS academic program is continually evolving to prepare students for the world of tomorrow. Based on current brain-research, grounded in project-based experiential learning, and blending in traditional elements, our curriculum allows students the space, flexibility, and support to design and shape their own understanding of our global community.


The roadmap to academic excellence

On any given day, WNS middle school students are makers, thinkers, and entrepreneurs. Integrated hands-on/minds-on projects are blended seamlessly with specialized core subjects, providing structure for ideation, creation, and collaboration.

The WNS middle school is a quasi-departmentalized program that retains our philosophy of providing students with engaging and authentic learning experiences with instruction and pace that supports the full range of learners. Students learn skills in the context of real-world application. Collaboration is a key part of project-based learning, and students continue to be taught and to practice these skills. An important cornerstone of the WNS middle school program involves culminating projects that draw upon every aspect of students’ academic experiences.

The core academic classes of English, math, science, social studies, and Spanish are offered with opportunities to participate in advanced classes for certain subjects. All students also participate in theatre arts, visual arts, music, technology, and physical education with expanded opportunities to participate in electives, after-school athletics, school plays, and musicals.

Students from WNS matriculate to a wide range of independent, parochial, and public schools.  Our program aims to prepare students for success in the diverse and changing world of the 21st century.

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Special Classes



The middle school music program is centered around choral music, including an extra-curricular Festival Choir. Through varied repertoire including folk songs, partner songs, rounds, traditional classical pieces, and popular music, students learn proper vocal techniques and continue their growth in music literacy.


Visual Arts

The art program is organized around imagination, innovation, invention, observation, communication and expression. Students learn that art is a means to communicate feelings and ideas, to articulate what they think and know, to reflect upon issues, and to come to a clearer understanding of themselves, their culture, and other people. Through art, our students seek to inform, inspire and move others emotionally or intellectually.


Theatre Arts

Students at WNS experience theatre arts classes in fifth through eighth grades, developing rehearsal and performance skills, but mainly providing the opportunity for students to develop empathy, self-confidence, public speaking, and communication and collaboration skills. While each grade level participates in its own Theatre Art production, all middle school students have the opportunity to apply for several performing arts electives.


Computer Science

WNS prides itself on continuing to update its technology program and provide significant resources to our students. Students in middle school meet with our Technology Specialist once a week in our Computer Science Center. Students are instructed in transferable skills they will use in the future such as design principles, research methods, computer logic paradigms, and digital communications skills rather than trained in using specific programs. Students also enjoy learning basics of coding and robotics, which they can then expand on in electives.

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