Zoie is honored with Finer Womanhood Rising Award

Zoie Brogdon (‘19) Zoe was recently honored with the prestigious Finer Womanhood Rising Award for her equestrian accomplishments at the 2022 Zeta Phi Beta sorority Grand Boule in Philadelphia, PA. Overcoming her nerves, and speaking before more than 7,000 members of Zeta Phi Beta, friends and honored guests, Zoie took to the stage to receive her beautiful customized glass award presented to her by the esteemed International President – Valerie Hollingsworth Baker. Zoe’s family is not in any way affiliated with Zeta Phi Beta, and was sought out independently by this phenomenal organization. Click here to see Zoie’s speech.

Soon after Zoie entered her creative work into a UCLA program called the Young Black Change makers (YBC).  According to the program, Young Black Change makers are youth identifying as Black who are actively engaged in social or political change. In other words, they are civically engaged. Civic engagement can take many different forms for youth, and any activity that reflects passion and commitment to social or political change. 

The YBC was doing a search for any Black young person between ages 13 to 18 to contribute a reflection for a book called Young Black Changemakers and the Road to Racial Justice, which will be published by Cambridge University Press in 2023. This book is based on interviews with 43 Black youth who are highly civically engaged and working toward social and community change in many ways. The purpose of the book is to document these youth’s experiences and how and why Black youth become change-makers. They selected a maximum of 15 pieces of artwork and two of Zoie’s pieces were selected. Her work and name will end up in the published book! 

We are excited for Zoie to add this to her growing list of social impact projects. She is planning for her solo art exhibition in October and hopes that her WNS community will attend. Details to come! Zoie is currently a Senior at Crossroads.